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Scuba Diving at Lesvos

Lesvos is an island with many different landscapes, many different types of beaches and many attractions and offers many activities and experiences. So your holiday here is a different and diverse experience.
The undersea world of Lesvos is unique in its kind and very popular for diving trips throughout the year. In Lesvos you can dive with the help of specialists. Scuba diving is the possibility of diving with an independent device.
Most commonly known as SCUBA diving (Self- Contained- Underwater- Breathing- Apparatus). There are many programs for either beginners or advanced. Beginners have the opportunity to gain a first contact by doing a scuba diving dive in completely controlled and safe conditions or to obtain an internationally recognized degree diver.The dives are made in different parts of the island with experienced professional diving teachers.

Do not miss this experience because it certainly is exciting.

Complete the contact form and we will arrange the diving and in the desired level of difficulty you want and you may.