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Marine Services

Lesvorama Marine Services seeks to provide the highest standard of services to the International Marine Community for the benefit and enhancement of our clients’ business or leisure activities.

Our skilled and well experienced personnel ensure the competency of all the operations.

From pre-arrival and port entry formalities to departure, your vessel will benefit from accurate operations at competitive rates, hence satisfying even the most demanding customer criteria.

We associate with other companies in the island of Lesvos, in the other Greek islands and in the mainland of Greece, with which we offer complete, efficient and quality services.

We offer a 24 hours service, 7 days a week in order to meet the requirements of any vessel.

Our comprehensive range & husbanding port agency services encompass, but are not limited to: port of call services, customs & consular formalities, bunkering, ship supplies, crew & passenger medical attendance, crew changes, ship maintenance & emergency repairs, stores & spare parts, etc. for:

 Sailing & Motor Boats
 Mega Yachts
 Cruise ships
 Cargo carriers
 Naval and special type of vessels attendance

Lesvorama Marine Care provides a full range of ship agency services to vessels calling at all ports in Lesvos Island.

 The Fixed costs should be calculated as below:

Transit log: 45 euro for vessels which belongs to companies – 30 euro for vessels which belongs to private persons.
15 € EKOEM
Cost per night = 0.36 *meter*0.16

Port’s Information

Latitude: 39°20.21 N
Longitude: 26°10.77 E

Petra Port: Port in Lesvos Island in the North Aegean Region of Greece.

Other Name of Petra Port is KAVAKI (official Name)

Petra is also the whole Bay with nice sandy Beach which is awarded with the Blue Flag and certifying for its excellent waters.

Petra the small town is about 1km from Port away. Characteristic is the 40 meters rock, which dominates the region and at the top the Virgin Mary Church was built. The area is one of the touristic developed on the island. It has many hotels, rooms, restaurants and bars, which are not affecting the picturesque village.

Postal code of Petra: 81109

Latitude: 39°22.11 N
Longitude: 26°10.11 E

Port Mithima: Port in Lesvos Island in the North Aegean Region of Greece.

Other Name of Mithimna Port is Molivos

Mythimna or Molivos is a large traditional village of Lesvos in the north coast. In Mythimna, the visitor can discover the rhythms of traditional island life and taste the authentic hospitality from the residents. You can enjoy walking on traditional paths, the traditional market in the center of the village, with its “Salkimi” flowers across the trail it creates a unique sense, the beautiful and clean sea and wonderful sunsets, browsing the Venetian castle, the museum, the gallery, the art school, the beach of Eftalou and the harbor. All traditional buildings are made by stone with wooden windows in narrow streets. At the edge of the town, there is the picturesque port which completes the magic figure.

An important factor in the local economy is the cultivation of olive trees, livestock, sheep, fishing and especially tourism. There are over 23 hotels with 1815 beds in total and over 2500 rooms. There is also a municipal campsite 1 km away from the village and is located on the road leading to Eftalou.

Postal code of Mithimna: 81108

Latitude: 39°22.43 N
Longitude: 26°18.26 E

Port Skala Sikamineas: Port in Lesvos Island in the North Aegean Region of Greece.

Other Name of Skala Sikamineas is Skala Sikaminias

Skala Sikamineas is a typical fishing village and the most northern village of the island, facing the coast of Minor Asia. You will enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Skala Sikaminia and the chapel of “The Mermaid Virgin” which is built on a strip of land that goes into the sea.

You can find also at the village in the mountain the house of Stratis Myrivilis, the famous Greek writer in Sikamia, which is open to visitors. On the main street of the town at the primary school building, you can visit the Folks Museum of Sikaminia.

Skala Sikaminias belongs to the area of Mithimna and is only 12 km from Mithimna away.

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