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Below we present a description of the city and its history. For more detailed information on the sights, the beaches of the area and useful telephone numbers & services, please choose from the menu the same option you want.

38 km north of Mytilene is Mantamados, known throughout the country for the Monastery of Archangel, the large and important tradition in the art of pottery and dairy products. The mountain village in northeastern Lesvos with history and culture is associated with the sacred shrine of the Archangel Michael Archangel, rigid relief. The tradition wants it modeled by soil and blood of slaughtered monks from the Agarinous or Saracen pirates, but one monk who survived hiding on a roof of the sacred temple, coined the current relief seated on a rock. It is the largest village by population in northeastern Lesvos, but now with the neighboring villages, Kleio and Pelopi, is the Municipality of Mantamados.

Like most villages that are away and invisible from the sea, Mantamados too was created by the merger of several coastal villages in the area, which because of repeated raids by pirates during the Middle Ages, the inhabitants left these exquisite coastal areas where they lived by the practice of fishing, farming and pottery and settled around the sacred and known since miraculous shrine of the Archangel, where there are ruins remnants of the first small church. Since he is the patron and protector of Mantamados but also of the whole island during the difficult days of the Turkish rule, there were enough evidence for scheduled appearances.

In the village square, there is a beautiful church from St. Basil’s in a wooden temple, built in 1750. It is worth visiting the Church of St. Stephen, a small cruciform basilica built in the post Byzantine period in a lush grove.

Why not try the Mantamados dairy products and yogurt in particular, which made the authentic way.

The Municipality of Mantamados has also the picturesque villages Kleio, Kapi and Pelopi. Coastal areas are Pedi, Aspropotamos, Agios Stefanos, Palios and a little north Yeni Limani (port) and Tsonia with several tavernas where you can relax and drink ouzo.

 Demographic and historical data

The Municipality of Mantamados has a population of 3,210 residents and 119,585 acres of land. Location of the municipality is Mantamados including 4 Municipal districts: Madamados, Kapi, Kleio, Pellopi. For Mantamados we do not have good sources for the chronology of creation. Some argue that the creation was recorded during the Hellenistic period, at the area “Lesvados”, which is now the monastery of the Archangel. For others, the first core of Mantamados was formed by dissolved coastal settlements because of the pirates in the current position.

 Monastery of Archangel Michael

The tradition wants it to be a Byzantine monastery that was abandoned at an unspecified time to work later until today, as a church. It is a major pilgrimage and has the aura of the miraculous relief image of the Archangel Michael, one of the few relief icons throughout the Orthodox world. The legend says it is made by dirt and blood. Before many centuries, the monastery received the Saracens pirates, who massacred the monks, except a new probationary monk, who managed to hide on the roof of the church. From there he saw after the carnage the form of the Archangel flying over the corpses of the monks. Getting dirt and blood he created the form of the Commander as he remembered, before he powerfully flew for punishment to kill the pirates. Since then he is a patron and protector of Mantamados but also of the whole island.

During the difficult days of the Ottomans, there are enough evidences saved for his regular appearances. Maybe it is not a coincidence that Mytilene was liberated from the Turks on November 8, 1912, on the day of the feast of the Archangel. And there were few Lesvians who said that they saw the Archangel riding his horse and drive the Greek army against Turkey during the battles of liberation. In front of his icon, there are faithfully laying offerings like iron shoes, the result of the tradition that wants the commander to wear them at night.

The Church celebrates Sunday of Mirofores, with great religious and commercial festival together with the preparation of traditional food “kiskets”. Most of the visitors are coming by feet the day before the festival.

 Church of Agios Stefanos

Small cross basilica built in the post Byzantine period in a lush grove. Originally it was covered with a dome, which had already collapsed in the 19th century, when he visited the temple of the traveler Newton.

The roof was reconstructed by local residents, with wooden beams and covered with tiles. On the east side there are three small semicircular arches of the sanctuary, while the ‘blind’ arcade decorates the north and south wall.


The beach of Pedi is located a few kilometers away of Mantamados, on the road towards Mytilene. It is located after the beach Aspropotamos in the Gulf of Makri Gialos.


Aspropotamos beach is a few kilometers away from Mantamados, on the road towards Mytilene. It is located between the beaches of Agios Stefanos and Pedi, in the Gulf of Makri Gialos. They overlook the islands of Tokmakia.

 Agios Stefanos

The beach of Agios Stefanos is located a few kilometers away from Mantamados. It’s a wonderful beach, located after the beach of Aspropotamos and overlooking the islands of Tokmakia.


Palios beach is located a few kilometers away from Mantamados. It is a picturesque location overlooking the islands Tokmakia. You can visit the beach following the road after the beach of Agios Stefanos or the road after the Monastery of Archangel.

 Yeni Limani

Yeni Limani is located a few kilometers away from Mantamados, the road towards Kleio. It is an area where you can enjoy swimming and eating in peace.


The Tsonia beach is located beyond the village of Kleio. Here you can relax drinking ouzo and enjoy swimming.