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3 .  Lesvos Euphoria International Festival

The 3rd Wellness Festival
10 – 13 of September 2020al

The 4-day festival will be rich in events for both locals and visitors in the form of small to medium-sized groups.

We will have various stations set up throughout the northern region of Lesvos so that everyone will have the opportunity to come together and feel the inspiration and energy of Lesvos, to learn more about physical and emotional health and to get to know their Bodies and Self via techniques such as Orthosomia, Yoga, Tai Chi, Nia, Qi gong, Mindfulness, Pilates, Making Human Mandalas and much more in the luscious nature of the island.

We will have the pleasure to enjoy traditional greek music and do yoga under the September supermoon, enjoy the amazing baths in the thermal springs in Eftalou, dance together in a dance of joy and meditation and lots lots more for people of all ages!

Ask us for special arrangements and accommodation.