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Tourism has one of the largest sections of the online market and continues to grow. If you are interested, then our company is the right choice for your success.

Get substantial benefits and profits through an affiliate program for travel products.  Add value to your site by offering an additional opportunity to quality service to visitors and work with us, the only company in the online travel booking for Lesvos.

The lesvorama.gr has leading products and competitive procurement packages.

Common advertising campaigns in print, radio and internet.

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Who are we?
The lesvorama.gr is a strong partner in the travel market. Our Company has developed and administered by a platform of information, the lesvorama.gr, which contains information of hotels and tourism service providers on its website about the island of Lesvos, the body is also an online booking system for online real time reservations, car rentals and transport. Also we provide full service to visitors of the country from which the search is in order to facilitate the booking of services to clients participating in the system.

What criteria are used to select the Website?
Your website must have a page print and the contents cannot challenge the morality and / or public policy. Priority is given to sites where the content is related to travel and regions.

What is the cost of participation?
Your subscription to the affiliate program is free, so the possibility of booking fee will cost you a penny instead it will bring you an unexpected income.

What if I want to use the link to many sites?
Please send us a list of all sites to which you want to embed the link.

What kind of promotional materials we provide?
You can embed in plain text, banner in different colors, width and design and search engine to your website. Of course we can, after consultation, tailor the advertisements on the nature of your website. If you are a travel agency and you do not have a site, you do not need to select advertising material.
Note: According to our experience, material, text or banner, bearing the words “hotels” or “overnight” generates almost twice the percentage of clicks that another text or banner.

How do I pay for my reservations?
Each booking via your link is directly connected to your partner code, so whenever the visitors make reservations through this link, the commission is automatically credited to your account.

What is the period of the cookie and what that means?
We use a 30 day cookie. When customers within 30 days from the first link make a reservation to your website, we recognize the link of your website and thereby you earn extra commission.

Will I know how many customers have booked via my site?
Can I find statistics deductions from my visitors?
Yes, of course. You can see statistics of your reservations using the online system statistical functions.When you register through the e-mail confirmation will be sent a password with which you can consult the statistics of your reservations.

The following statistics are available:

  • Statistics booking on a monthly or annual basis
  • Statistics for individual reservations
  • Statistics for the home country of the visitor
  • Statistics of each hotel
  • Monthly and yearly charts

We inform you that for reasons of protection of personal data may not reveal the names of customers in the statistics.

How much commission do I get?
The basic premium rates are:
Car Rentals: 4% of the total reservation
Hotels: 3% -4% of the total reservation
Ask about our special offers for new partners and special conditions for premium partners.

When do I get paid on commission?
The commissions are paid on a monthly basis. The payment takes place one month after the departure of visitors from the hotel. It includes, for example, hotel accommodation, 28 March to 4 April; you will get your fee payment in May. The amount of supply is calculated in the first five days of the month, any payment automated transfer to your bank account in the next 10 days, latest by 15th of the month, unless the outstanding amount is not exceeding € 100. Of course if the amount owed is less than € 100, this amount will not be “lost”, just moved a month later, until your minimum payment is completed.

Are there reservations that do not qualify for commission?
Yes. We do not pay a fee for telephone or email reservations. Moreover, if the user cancels the transaction and the credit card is not charged you do not earn commission for this transaction.

What is the booking process?
Every time visitors make a reservation, booking confirmation is sent immediately by e-mail to the visitor. Our company manages the processing, payment processing and customer service reservation. Simply take your supply.

Interested in free participation?
Then ask here for supporting our contracts or information’s on the Convention online partner without commitment. We will contact you within 48 hours except weekends.