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Earn Money – Become a contracted Hotelier!  

Reservations for your hotel from around the world – free!
Tourism has one of the largest sections in the online market and continues to grow.  If you are interested, then our company is the right choice for your success.

Using internet and the online booking system is now obvious to everyone, not only for traveling on business, but also private leisure travel, travel for a weekend or travel to towns. Get substantial benefits and profits through a reservation system for hotels.

Add value to your hotel by offering a further option with a quality service to visitors and work with us, the only company in the online travel booking for Lesvos.

Advertise through our website with frequent advertising campaigns in print, on the radio and internet.

Interested in free participation?

Below we present our free services and benefits for the partner hotels:

  • Participation in the reservation system in real time.
  • Automatic connection to national and international companies and portals.
  • Possibility of booking your hotel in 5 languages.
  • Register your hotel to our maps of the island.
  • Description and photos of hotels in the system. In the management system you can place your own free up to 9 photos of your hotel very simple and you can change them at any time, e.g. depending on the season, etc.
  • Self determination of rates: Possibility for day-to-date and flexible configuration of the room and your price and packages of your bids.
  • Support for you and your colleagues. The company is at your disposal every day from 09:00 – 21:00 – questions for business of any kind, for helping to update the data, prices or closed dates.
  • Customers typically pay directly to your hotel.
  • In the system there are no additional charges to the values you represent.
  • You create no additional costs when travel agents make reservations through our system.

From where comes the result of reservations turnover?
By booking with the following ways we can achieve increases in sales by:

  • Thousands Page Impressions a year in Internet booking system increase the reputation and turnover in your hotel.
  • Direct links to national and international companies, which make all their hotel reservations through our system.
  • The central office of hotel booking company for telephone reservations.

More specifically we present the basic information and conditions for cooperation!

What is “Lesvorama.gr”?
The “Lesvorama.gr” is another distribution channel for the disposal of your rooms. Our Company has developed and administered a platform of information, the lesvorama.gr, which contains information of hotels and tourism service providers on its website about the island of Lesvos, the body is also an on-line booking system for online real time reservations, car rentals and transport. It provides complete service to visitors of the country from which the search is, in order to facilitate your service to hoteliers who participate in the system.

What is the process of booking?

For the Customer:
The visitor selects the area and dates that they wish to travel and the reservation system shows the hotels that have availability, prices, services and information provided with photographs of the hotel. The visitor can then make an instant reservation and automatically receives a confirmation. The whole process takes less than 3-5 minutes and saves phones, deposits with banks etc.
For the hotelier:
The system informs you with an e-mail or just a fax with the reservation. If you have the appropriate technological equipment, the system can automatically update your reservation system (PMS).

What is the cost of participation?
Participation in the reservation system does not require subscription, purchase software, special equipment or other expenses.

What are the conditions for the cooperation?

  • The availability of a number of rooms (allotment) to “Lesvorama.gr”. Both the number of rooms as the release time of a room (release) may be different for different periods in accordance with expected occupancy of your unit.
  • The agreement of our fee as a percentage of room rates for reservations made through the “Lesvorama.gr”. The current room rate is determined by the cooperation agreement. The hotel can change the values of the minimum rates available after the release of a room at any time at its discretion.
  • The price of rooms available for booking through the “Lesvorama.gr” (allotments) should be the minimum value of publicity. For example, if a customer calls the hotel and asks to reserve a room online, the price given him should not be less than that you will publish in the hotel reservation system.

Interested in free participation?
Then ask here for supporting of our contracts or information’s on the Convention of Hotelier without commitment. We will contact you within 48 hours except weekends.