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Tourism has one of the largest sections in the online market and continues to grow. Using the internet and the online booking system is now obvious to everyone, not only for traveling for business, but also private leisure travel, travel for a weekend or travel to towns.

The ad at a website with tourist services and high traffic is no longer a luxury but a necessity to keep competitivity in the market and maximize your income.

Add value to your business by offering an additional opportunity to promote quality products and services to your visitors of the island and work with us, the only company for the online travel booking of Lesvos.

Advertise around the world – with very little cost!

If you are interested, then, our site is the right choice for your success.

Below we present our services and benefits for your promotion on the Internet:

Advertising is the process of disclosure and effect of the general public for a product or a service.
The promotion in the Internet combines and offers benefits and features that are missing from the traditional adverts in magazines, on television and radio, including:
Presence in certain areas, so the ad appears aimed for an audience already interested in information or services on the area of your business.

Low cost for your ad at a cost much less than the benefits to be gained by a successful advertisement.

Immediate results, users can click on the relevant to what they were seeking advertising and be transferred directly to your location and / or your website.

View in Greece and abroad with the possibility of advertising at different audiences each time and / or at different geographical area according to your wishes.

Detailed reporting of traffic efficiency of the account of advertising your business (Cost / Click, Order, Clicks, Views, Clicks / Keyword, etc.).

Lesvorama has developed a comprehensive strategic planning, management and monitoring of advertising programs. Key actions in this strategy are:
Study and select of the most appropriate positions on the website to attract more customers to your business.

Analysis of competition. With your help we analyze the data of your business, your target audience, utilize the equipment and instructions you give us, while always respecting the style of each text and style of each client and assign the texts to specialized writers and translators making it responsive and effective.

Creating and editing your advertising alerts. Given the need for high aesthetics in the visual environment of our website, working on your photos or undertaken in cooperation with experienced photographers and on our advisory activities to create new photographic material.

Design of ads to get the best possible presentation of your business and achieve a feeling of browsing your site through our website.

Identify and evaluate the results so that everyone can now follow his own creative view on the Internet in a credible and effective way.
Considering the investment costs we offer 3 different types of advertising, a) projection with banner on the site, b) registration services to register on the site and c) the inclusion in prospectuses (newsletter) and the confirmation email, all at really competitive prices making your choice very appealing.

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