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The meeting is in front of the Petra Harbor at 08:00 in the morning and after the customs clearance at 08:30 you are departing with the ferry for the Küçükkuyu Harbor.

Arrival to Küçükkuyu Port is estimated at 10:30 pm and after the customs clearance, the tour to Ancient Assos & Ancient Troy is around 11:00.

While your official guide briefly informs everyone about the excursion program and places to visit in your 45-minute trip, you will arrive around 11:45 in Behramkale Village.

Enjoying a walk through the small alleys between the historic country houses made of red andesite stone and unique architecture, you will arrive at the top of Assos Antique City where you can easily see the island of Lesvos.

Before starting the Acropol tour with your guide, you will have the chance to see and take photos of the Hüdavendigar Mosque and the Hüdavendigar Bridge, which were both built in the14th century from Ottoman Sultan Murat I.

At the top of Assos Hill you see the Athena Temple, the Agora which was transformed into a church, the Gymnasium, the theater and the school of philosophy established by Aristotle, which is a magical point and you have the opportunity to take amazing pictures of history and nature.

After your first impressions you will depart to Troy, on our route you will take a lunch/coffee break for 45-60 minutes, where you can choose from 2 different Menus or to enjoy the free time. Your Guide will inform you on the way.

Then you will arrive at the famous ancient city of Troy, which was mentioned in the Iliad and Odyssey Epics, written by Homer and has a rich history of 5000 years including the Trojan War.

You will start the tour by visiting the wooden horse inspired by the legend of Troy. In the ancient city that was burned and destroyed 9 times and rebuilt in the same place; with your guide you tour the legendary inclined and intertwined ramparts, the excavation house and the fortress hill, the northeastern tower and the cistern, the ruins of the Trojan II wall’s and Megaron houses, the gates of the walls, the ramp doors, the altar, the baths, the sewers and the Odeon and you feel as you are in another Era.

After this impuissant cultural moments, you depart for the Küçükkuyu Harbor where the ferry, after the customs procedures, leaves at 18:00 to Petra, Lesvos.


·         Transportation with luxury vehicles

·         Guiding

·         Water in the bus



·         Ferry Tickets Petra – Kucukkuyu – Petra (17,00 € ορ 8,50 €)

·         Lunch 1. Choice – 5,00 € or 2. Choice 7,00€ (Drinks are extra)

·         Personal expenses

·         Entrances (Assos entrance 2 €, Troy entrance 5 €)

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